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control of the american administration, that the u.s. is an imperial power. it opposes nato. a bit of a throwback group, a far-left marxist group. has some ties in europe and it has consistently attacked turkish authorities and sometimes business interests as well. and this time the u.s. embassy. according to tush irk authorities who have identified the bomber from remains, he was closer to 40 years old and had actually spent four years in a turkish prison for militant activity. but he was released for medical reasons. chaos of police and ambulances in one of ankara's most fortified districts, embassy row. on one stretcher, a well-known turkish journalist. she had come to have tea with the ambassador. she was at a visitor's gate in a security screening room when a suicide bomber came in, and reached for his waist. a guard yelled bomb and then it exploded. turkish media identified the bomber who killed himself and a turkish guard. >> right now, we're all dealing with our sadness at the loss of our fellow member of our embassy, we salute his bravery. >> reporter: the turkish governme
think that if you actually are going to be able to target eve an u.s. citizen that is meant to do us harm, which this administration has said i think rightly we have the right to do, then there should be in camera, right to congress, that has oversight for our military. they tear ones who declare war. they're the ones that raise moneys for our military and provide for rules and regulations of our millionth by the constitution, should be able to then see post facto and watch to make sure that we have not gone too far. that's happened before as you know. and so therefore that's when you can review the processes if it has to remain classified. >> representative davis, and not implying here this is a major scandal at all, but the saying does go that the cover-up is always worse than the crime. >> right. >> is there any sense that's what's going on here? >> well, i don't think anybody foresaw the wide application of drone usage that the administration's undertaken. and i think you're going to have to have some transparency in terms of when are they going to be used, what are the protocols
returned from north korea, former new mexico governor, bill richardson, who served as u.s. ambassador to the united nations. thank you so much for joining me. >> thank you, alex. nice to be with you. >> this trip, what was it all about? how did it come about and what was the mission? >> well, the mission was threefold. one, to send a message to the north koreans not to do any more launches or nuclear tests. secondly, to talk about the advantages of an internet and freedom of information once they join the international community. and third was to try to get the american detainee, kenneth bay, out who's been in prison there. we did get hints from the north koreans that they were going to do this nuclear test because they were upset about the sanctions the united nations had just imposed on them. and we side to them, it makes no sense for you to continue further testing. you're going to be more isolated. your people are hurting. get into the international community. but our message was to the foreign ministry types, their state department. we didn't see the new leader who unfortunately
to one another, and i'm very proud of what we did very quickly out of the house, the u.s. house, which was no budget, no pay. that had over 80 democrats sign on to that piece of legislation. i think it was a great bipartisan showing, and i think it's a way that we should move forward. i'm hopeful we're going to have solutions, but i'm also hoping we desperately are going to have the kind of leadership from the white house that's going to talk about growing our economy, talk about jobs, talk about helping the middle class that does not raise our taxes and take more of their wealth and grow government. we don't need to grow government. we need to grow our economy for hard working families. >> missouri representative ann wagner, it was nice to see you and meet you on the air. good luck with everything. we'll be watching. >> i look forward to it, alex. thank you. >>> straight ahead, a new twist in the search for an ex-cop on the run. rs. how? by building custom security solutions that integrate video, access control, fire and intrusion protection. all backed up with world-class monitoring
food that this child will eat? >> reporter: nbc news has confirmed dykes served in the u.s. navy in the 60s. he served various awards, a good conduct med methal and vietnam service medal. but on tuesday those honors seem very far away. police say dykes boarded a stopped school bus and demanded two random young children. when the bus drive refused, plea say dykes shot and killed him and made off with 5-year-old ethan. kelly miller says her kids got off that bus right before the shooting. >> i cannot believe if he got on that bus with the intentions of grabbing a 6 to 8-year-old, all he had to do was reach out and grab him. he let him clear the bus and get home before all this happened. >> reporter: meanwhile the visitation for the bus driver charles pollen junior is scheduled for today. his family says he loved his job and died a hero. >> every time a child got on my dad's bus they were though longer their parents they were his. he considered them his children. i know that's the reason why my dad took those shots for his children just like he would do for me and my sister. >> repo
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. never more so than meeting with sex abuse victims in his 2008 trip in the u.s. he saved his biggest surprise for last says john thamus who covered the vatican for 30 years. >> he will be remembered as the pope who resigned. it will be greatest gift to the church. >> reporter: currently, the conclave to elect the successor to benedict xvi is to happen between march 15th and march 20th. there is talk of moving that date up. all of the cardinals are expected to be here on february 28th. alex, back to you. >>> anne thompson, thank you. the blame game on tsequestratio. the new york times says those will cut 14,000 teachers and employees. and 250,000 civilians employed by the army could be furloughed for up to 22 days. aircraft would forego maintenance. >> it's the president who proposed this sequester. is the house with smarter cuts in other areas of government. >> the fact is this was never the president's idea. this was the result of hostage politics in the republican party. this is what you have. this is the message you have when you get into those hostage polit politics. >> joining m
across the u.s. early reports show a wide variety of weapons from handguns and sawed off shotguns to high powered assault rifles. in miami, people handed over 75 guns in exchange for gift cards or miami heat tickets. in seattle 160 guns turned in before police ran out of money. >>> now to super bowl xlvii a battle of west coast versus the east coast. most people are there to have fun. i'm confident you are working in fun with the work in new orleans. first question, are people still looking for tickets, can they get nem them? >> reporter: the tickets are the name of the game. when i was walking over here, people said got tickets, do you want to buy a ticket? if you go on stub hub, there are tickets available. at last count, 450. the lowest was priced at $1200. it's probably a nose-bleed seat for that price. if you want to go, it's possible. all the celebrities around town probably have their tickets already. they were out in force last night at the party's here in new orleans. a couple of them making the rounds were anna ferris, neal patrick harris is here and rooney from rascal flatts. c
not having flights. >> u.s. a technicality i believe, alex, because as you can imagine, have you a flight destined to take off from miami, you are not having any weather problems there, so those folks would want to know that there is an airport technically open that can receive a flight in new york. a few minutes ago, i looked out. could see snow plows clearing the runways and there are no planes at the gates from the window where i was looking. this hallway behind me is the way to terminal d, the gates to terminal d for american airlines. the gate is closed. nothing leaving or coming in from this particular area right now. very quiet here. expectations they might be able to get the airport up and running, hopefully before the end of the day. new york's airport did not get hit with a amendment of snow that some were fearing, might be able to get things moving a lot faster than expected. some people who didn't get the word or couldn't afford to stay in a hotel slept in the airport. we have a picture of 20 people sleeping on cots. they put out 60 cots, but something only like 20 people spen
blame game. pistorius, what's his next move. nuclear waste leak in the u.s. new fighter jets already grounded. and yahoo!'s new ban that's rubbing some employees the wrong way. we have details on all those stories throughout this hour. but first. >>> new today, president obama take aim at congressional republicans with just six days until the painful across the board budget cuts take effect, if no deal can be reached to avert the sequester. >> are republicans in congress really willing to let these cuts fall on our kid' schools and mental health care just to protect tax loopholes for corporate jet owners? are they really willing to slash military health care and the border patrol just because they refuse to eliminate tax breaks for big oil companies? are they seriously prepared to inflict more pain on the middle class because they refuse to ask anything more of those at the very top? >> meantime, republicans are defending their record, putting the blame on the president. senator john hobin of north dakota delivered this week's republican address. >> house republicans have already pas
for it annabelle roberts from london. thank you so much. >>> back in the u.s., time for your weekend forecast. and we have nbc meteorologist dylan dreyer with that. >> good morning, alex. colder air working into the northeast and it comes with snow. we're seeing snow across the dakotas right now that will dip into nebraska and eventually into kansas later on today, cold air surging in from the north and creating lake-effect snow on the great lakes. you can see the cold front stretching from new england to parse of flori parts of florida. where we're seeing most of our rainfall right now. the cold blast will surge in here. below-average temperatures as we head into today and sunday. that's when we see the coldest of the temperatures. but you can see where we're even dealing with snow across portions of north carolina into virginia, and it's in that area where we have a winter storm advisory. it looks like we'll see 1 to 3 inches of snow in that area. moving north, winter weather advisories, warnings and blizzard warnings across portions of eastern maine. there is the chance we could in norther
to "weekends with alex witt." your fast five headlines. u.s. troops in nyjer will set up unarmed drones to help france in their fight in mali. >>> and south korea is asking north korea to stop tests, calling it hostility. >>> moody's is downgrading. and a man freed after dna proved his innocence. and rosa parks' statue has arrived at the capitol. it will be unveiled next week. >>> in south africa, oscar pistorius is a free man, at least for now. we're showing you video of pistorius entering court a couple of hours before he was granted bail in the case of his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. let's go to michelle kosinkski. he's out on bail. what comes next for him? >> reporter: he went to his uncle's house with his family after being released on bail. he can't go back to his own home, the scene of the alleged crime. he has to surrender passports, guns, can't use drugs or alcohol. has to get permission to leave town and check in with police twice a week starting monday. he may actually start training again on monday, even though his agent had canceled all of his upcoming races, but his coach told us
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24 (some duplicates have been removed)

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